Operational Improvement Services Offered:

a) With regard to the Organization:

Analyzing and studying the functioning of an administrative organization (Companies or institutions), either for the creation, elimination or merging of areas within the organizational structure, developing diagnostic reports and proposals on organization and operation.
Perform an appropriate structure through rational distribution of activities, enabling efficient communication and coordination of different sectors of the organizational structure;
Develop and maintain manuals: Organization and Functions, Administrative Procedures, Policies, and others;
Develop draft regulations, circulars and other documents that are necessary for the efficient development of the administrative system;
Perform implementation, monitoring and updating of systems developed.

b) Regarding the Methods of Work:

Streamline working methods and procedures for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of services and reduce the effort; Formalizing the routines, to allow and ensure uniformity of operations or procedures;
Conduct studies on communication systems suited to the characteristics of each company so as to facilitate the flow of information vertically and horizontally, between the various sectors that comprise the organizational structure;
Develop forms for use in the various formalities or procedures, and maintain permanent control over them;
Advise on the use of furnishings, machinery and equipment that are appropriate to the activities of the company;
Studying the systems, methods or work procedures for editing, simplification, elimination or establish new ones.

c) Methodology Used:

Maintain in-depth interviews with managers, Heads and Managers of each area of the company, to define their expectations with them to improve their respective work areas. At that time shall be established with them the work schedules of the consultants to minimize loss of time that could lead to their routine work. Perform data collection, with comments captured in the same job site and selected interviews with the employee at their workplace during the execution of their tasks and examine its behavior in each case. Conduct a review of all written materials available in the area of the company in general use any material that may provide information for the purposes of its evaluation and recommendation.