This service allows you to determine the amount and exact location of the stock of the Company, the cutoff date, using barcode technology and portable terminals for data capture


  • Taking physical inventory immediately at the completion of physical count.
  • Reducing the scope for human error.
  • Reduction of counts of ascertainment by registry errors.
  • Immediate detection of short and over.
  • Ease of subsequent inventories.
  • Facilitating preventive control for the standardization of inventories.
  • Obtaining the exact physical location of stockpiles


  • Raw Materials Inventory, Supplies, Supplies, Parts, Merchandise, Products in Process and Finished Goods, Stores coverage, sub Warehouses, Transit Stores, Distribution Centers and regional warehouses.
  • Review of Products Catalog.
  • Prior physical arrangement (Lay Out).
  • Intensive use of barcode technology and software to capture, transfer and administration of the database.
  • Development of procedures for controlling the receipt, dispatch and preventive control ( "deviations before they occur).
  • Training responsible in implementing new procedures.
  • Main Warehouse Coverage, Sub Warehouses, Transit Stores, Distribution Centers and regional warehouses.
  • Individual physical identification of each of the types of stocks.
  • Count and recount process 100%.
  • Identification of physical location.