Due Diligence service offers the opportunity to help our customers maximize the benefits of a purchase transaction, sale or merger of companies, besides identifying risks that can represent your business.

Our professionals involved in partnership with management to establish objectives and a work plan for the transaction, in addition to specialists within the industry who can assist in the development process, identifying accounting issues, financial, tax and legal, providing a appropriate and effective support in the negotiations that usually develop in the purchase and sale of businesses. Our services include verification of settings and options that could be made to ensure the best success in the negotiation process. In services identify potential tax contingencies, laws, provisions of accounts receivable, insolvency, asset classification, hidden liabilities, and so on. Prepare pro forma financial statements for use by our customers.


The Due Diligence process will provide:

  • Advice on valuation of assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of fluctuations in income statements
  • Assessment and determination of pro forma adjustments
  • Analysis of the budget and actual results
  • Evaluation of financial contingencies, legal, fiscal and para -
  • Profitability analysis by product and segment
  • Analysis of price / volume
  • Analysis of variability of operating costs and expenses
  • Sensitivity and seasonal working capital
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Evaluation of financial projections
  • Additionally, we provide assistance in the purchase transaction on accounting issues, adjustment mechanisms, representations, warranties and tax considerations.